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How hard should it be for cops to track your location? A new lawsuit revives the debate.

Privacy advocates sued a Florida police department over a controversial surveillance technology that, they say, improperly lets authorities track the movements of thousands of cellphone users without a warrant.

Is Apple finally relaxing its stance on Bitcoin apps?

In a potential course correction, Apple is opening to the idea of letting iPhone users make payments with bitcoins and other alternate currencies.

WWDC: Three awesome new Apple features that also protect your privacy

Apple critics are already bummed that the company didn't release a new TV or shiny iDevice during its 2014 keynote at the World Wide Developers' Conference.

Google will take requests to scrub embarrassing search results. But it won’t help US users.

Google launched a Web form that allows European customers to ask for aspects of their digital histories to be expunged from the search engine -- but only in Europe.

The FCC may consider a stricter definition of broadband in the Netflix age

What is high-speed Internet? Believe it or not, there is a technical definition. Currently, it's set at 4 megabits per second. Anything less, and in the government's view, you're not actually getting broadband-level speeds.

China’s cyber-generals are reinventing the art of war

The conventional wisdom is that the future of war will involve private robot armies, predator drones carrying out precision strikes, and maybe even the militarization of space.

Report: One in seven US consumers notified of personal data breaches in 2013

US consumers are increasingly victims of data breaches in which their personal data is stolen -- with one in seven being notified that their personal data was breached in 2013, according to a survey released by Consumer Reports.

Google, Silicon Valley must do more to hire female engineers

[Commentary] The technology industry has been fighting hard not to reveal race and gender diversity data -- especially for its engineering teams -- because it has a lot to be embarrassed about.

Where to get Hachette books now (other than Amazon)

For the first time, Amazon is publicly acknowledging a long-simmering dispute between it and a major publishing company, Hachette Book Group.

Facebook Seeks EU Antitrust Review of WhatsApp Deal

Facebook has asked European Union antitrust regulators to examine its $19 billion deal to buy messaging service WhatsApp, in an attempt to avoid other antitrust reviews by individual countries, people familiar with the matter said.