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The net neutrality lawsuits are coming. Here’s what they’re likely to say.

The ink isn't dry yet on the federal government's decision to repeal its network neutrality rules, and yet many are already gearing up for what they say is an inevitable legal battle (once again) over the future of the Web. Because of the potentia

House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Blackburn Introduces Net Neutrality Legislation

House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced network neutrality legislation, the Open Internet Preservation Act, that prohibits internet providers from blocking and throttling content, but does not address whether

EPA to end controversial contract with conservative ‘media monitoring’ firm

The Environmental Protection Agency is canceling a $120,000 “media tracking” contract it recently signed with a Republican public affairs and opposition-research firm amid questions about the firm’s political work and outrage from lawmakers on Cap

Debate erupts within HHS about 'words to avoid' such as 'vulnerable,' 'diversity' and 'entitlement'

Health and Human Services Department officials confirmed that they had singled out a handful of words that should be avoided in the upcoming budget process, but said they had not blocked employees from using them outright.