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HUD Sec Carson accuses Facebook of enabling housing discrimination

Housing Sec Ben Carson accused Facebook of enabling illegal housing discrimination by giving landlords and developers advertising tools that made it easy to exclude people based on race, gender, zip code or religion -- or whether a potential rente

Corporate concentration threatens American democracy

[Commentary] Corporate concentration in the United States is not only increasing inequality but also undermining competition and consumers’ standard of living.

President Trump gives the military more latitude to use offensive cyber tools against adversaries

The Trump administration has moved to give the military more latitude to conduct offensive cyber operations against American adversaries, continuing an effort begun in 2017 to grant commanders more leeway to make battlefield decisions. President D

Silicon Valley's attempts to self-police are anti-democratic. They're also not new.

[Commentary] “Operation Golden Gate” was the name of a 1948 plan among the followers of a political movement known as Technocracy Inc. to converge on the San Francisco Bay area.