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What FCC chair Ajit Pai gets wrong about net neutrality

[Commentary] Ending network neutrality — leaving broadband providers to chase profits without public obligations — would be a disastrous reversal of communications policy that dates to the founding of the country and ensures the equal access to in

Chairman Pai is pitching Internet deregulation as a return to Bill Clinton’s policy

President Donald Trump treated “Bill” — as in Clinton — like a four-letter word during his campaign for the White House, but now Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is invoking the 42nd president's name in a positive way to help se

President Trump attacks media in his first post-Thanksgiving tweet

President Donald Trump returned from the Thanksgiving holiday with another attack on one of his favorite targets — the news media — suggesting Nov 27 on Twitter a “contest” to determine which television network deserves a “fake news trophy.”

How two decisions in Washington could turn AT&T into a uniquely powerful company

The future of AT&T could be shaped by two big decisions in Washington, with the Justice Department suing the company to block its $85 billion purchase of Time Warner and the Federal Communications Commission announcing a plan to roll back net

Wondering if the Russians reached you over Facebook? You can soon find out.

Facebook is creating an online tool to allow users to determine if they might have been exposed to Russian disinformation during the 2016 presidential election and its fractious aftermath.