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EU, South Korea to Ally on Faster Mobile Access

In the race to get the world's fastest mobile Internet service, South Korea and the European Union announced a major new pact to join forces on so-called 5G networks.

France Seeks to Further Tighten Regulation of US Tech Firms

France plans to redouble its push to tighten regulation of big US tech companies at the national and European level, part of Europe's backlash against the growing influence -- and profit -- of a handful of large Internet firms.

Rentrak And Nielsen Duel Over Measurement Crown

Rentrak is making headway in its battle for a bigger piece of the audience measurement business.

Univision Held Preliminary Sale Talks with CBS, Time Warner

The owners of Univision Communications, in their search for an exit, have held preliminary discussions in recent weeks with several media companies, including CBS and Time Warner, according to people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft Fights Government Demand for Customer Data Stored Outside US

Microsoft is opposing a US government demand for a user’s emails stored on company computers outside the country, in the latest example of tech companies’ willingness to challenge government information requests in the post-Snowden era.

EU Probes Tax Affairs of Apple, Starbucks

European Union regulators said they have opened formal investigations into the tax practices of Apple Starbucks and a Luxembourg-based division of Fiat, as part of a broader probe into whether multinational companies have enjoyed sweeter tax deals

How to Use Tech Like a Teenager

[Commentary] Enough with complaining that young people these days are addicted to their phones. The question you should be asking is: What do they know that you don't? Believe it or not, there are advantages to using technology like a teen.

Al Jazeera Wants Case With AT&T Kept Private

Al Jazeera America is trying to avoid unsealing a lawsuit it filed in 2013 accusing AT&T of improperly keeping the news channel off AT&T's U-verse cable-television lineup.

Administration Overhauls Federal Health-Care Website

The Obama Administration is revamping HealthCare.gov and scrapping significant parts of the federal health-insurance marketplace in an effort to avoid the problems that plagued the site's launch last fall, according to presentations to health insu

Cyberbullying Law Challenged in Court

New York's high court will consider one of the first legal challenges to state and local laws that make it a crime for people to bully others online, especially children.