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Slim's Asset Sales Has People Wondering What He'll Buy Next

Billionaire Carlos Slim's move to pare his telecom empire in Mexico is raising questions about what his intentions might be north of the border.

EU Begins Questioning Facebook Rivals Over WhatsApp Deal

European Union antitrust officials have started questioning rival firms about Facebook's proposed $19 billion acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp, ahead of a formal review that could be a test case for how to apply EU competition law to the

As Moguls Descend on Sun Valley, Let the Deal-Making Commence

It didn’t take long for the consolidation buzz to begin at the Allen & Co. conference, a get-together of honchos from the media and technology worlds known as a venue for deal-making.

The Future of Privacy: Only the Rich Will Have It

[Commentary] One surprise from the widespread use of information technology has been the enormous value created out of just data. Information about what individuals do has created corporations worth billions of dollars.

VA Shiva Ayyadurai on the Future of Email: It Gets Better

[Commentary] In the good old days, the secretary did all the hard work and the boss did two things: dictating and editing. But email has made secretaries of us all; we spend up to 38% of our day managing email.

Josh Sapan on Why the Future of Television Will Be More Cinematic

[Commentary] TV is increasingly the new cinema, featuring more nuanced and better writing, casting, design and storytelling. It is the technology that emancipated the great work.

How TV Networks Will Evolve

[Commentary] Even as on-demand TV viewing grows, there will always be a way to tune into a network or channel. But in 10 or 20 years I'm not convinced that the flow of content when I tune in is going to be the same as your flow.

Readers Recall Tablet Magazine Ads at Same Rate as Print Ads

A splashy ad in a magazine may catch a reader’s eye as he or she is flipping through the pages, but would that ad grab someone’s attention when it’s displayed on a tablet?

GM Pitches Wi-Fi in 2015 Cars

General Motors will soon begin an effort to sell high-speed Internet service to buyers of everything from $17,000 Chevrolet Spark subcompacts to top-of-the-line Cadillacs, a test of how much consumers are willing to pay to be online at the wheel.

Millennials Spend 14.5 Hours Per Week on Smartphones

Youth-obsessed marketers are anxious to figure out the best way to reach the so-called “Millennial Generation.” A new report validates the popular notion that the smartphone is the best vehicle.