Wall Street Journal

Sprint, T-Mobile Vow Merger Won’t Repeat Nextel Havoc

Sprint’s plan to merge with rival T-Mobile in a $26 billion deal has triggered memories of dead phones and spotty service for some longtime Sprint customers, but the companies say such pitfalls are in the past. The customers are recalling the havo

Fates of TV Shows Tied Up in Merger Mania

Potential deals between 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney (or Comcast), Viamcom and CBS, and AT&T and Time Warner have producers wondering just who the TV programming honchos will be. New ownership or management could lead to changes in program

Release of Thousands of Russia-Linked Facebook Ads Shows How Propaganda Sharpened

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee made public for the first time the full cache of more than 3,000 ads that Facebook said were purchased by a pro-Kremlin group, the Internet Research Agency.