Congress is less than 50 votes from passing a motion to save net neutrality

Congress is less than 50 votes from passing a measure that would restore network neutrality rules to the internet.

In 2019, people will spend more time online than they will watching TV. That’s a first.

It’s finally happening: In 2019, people around the world will spend more time online than they do watching TV, according to new data from measurement company Zenith.

Congress roasted Facebook on TV, but won’t hear any bills to regulate it

On October 19th of 2017, a just-barely bipartisan group of senators held a press conference to announce a new piece of legislation.

Facebook says millions of users who thought they were sharing privately with their friends may have shared with everyone because of a software bug

As many as 14 million Facebook users who thought they were posting items that only their friends or smaller groups could see may have been posting that content publicly, the company said.

President Trump, Fox News, and Twitter have created a dangerous conspiracy theory loop

On June 5, President Donald Trump tweeted an unfounded conspiracy theory that originated in some of the internet’s worst “fake news” corners.

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram was the greatest regulatory failure of the past decade, says Stratechery’s Ben Thompson

For years, Facebook has argued that it’s a platform: An unbiased technology service for all ideas, brands, media companies and people to distribute their work.