San Jose Mercury News

Lobbyists are winning fight against restoring net neutrality

[Commentary] Anyone doubting the power lobbyists still hold in Washington need only look at the ongoing, shameful net neutrality travesty.  It was bad enough that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, engine

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed endorses Ro Khanna for Congress

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed (D) has endorsed Ro Khanna (D) in his bid to unseat Rep Mike Honda (D-CA).

Tech workforce diversity: Recognizing problem is the first step to solving it

[Commentary] Most of us hope all Americans have a fair chance to be successful without regard to ethnicity or gender. However, the tech world has for too long been dominated by one gender and limited in ethnic diversity.

Cantor's shocking loss will be felt in Silicon Valley

[Commentary] The aftershocks of the political earthquake that shook Congress to its core will be felt in Silicon Valley.

Shared spectrum: Tell the FCC to keep some wireless spectrum free

[Commentary] Wireless spectrum is such a central part of our daily lives that we forget how much we depend on it.