House Passes Modernizing Government Technology Act

One week after Rep Will Hurd (R-TX) introduced new IT legislation to the House of Representatives, designed to thrust government into 21st-century technologies, the Modernizing Government Technology Act passed on a voice vote.

Unleashing Digital Talent in the next administration

[Commentary] The adage “good help is hard to find” is especially true for Information Technology (IT) talent in the federal government.

Report: Government Mobility Spending Lags Behind Private Sector

Government agencies spend less of their total budget on making operations mobile than commercial groups do, according to new research from IDC.

Who's In Charge of Regulating the Internet of Things?

So, who governs the Internet of things?

How to Delight Customers Through Public-Private Partnerships

[Commentary] A key function of government is to address citizen constituent needs. Fulfilling those needs requires implementing innovative and cost-effective services through the public sector’s digital transformation.

It's Official: MEGABYTE Act Signed Into Law

Agency chief information officers will need to get a better handle on their software license inventories and prepare to show savings to the Office of Management and Budget under a new law.

Environmental Protection Agency Tests Future of Public Comments

Collecting public comment on federal rules might get a little easier. An Environmental Protection Agency pilot lets citizens comment on specific paragraphs of proposed rules instead of submitting them via e-mail or in a separate text box.

Time to Stop Hitting the Cyber Snooze Button on US Infrastructure

[Commentary] Power grids have proven to be vulnerable to cyber terrorists.

Professionals Across the Globe Agree: Government Don't Invest Enough In Cyber

A global lack of cybersecurity talent could make nations more vulnerable to cyberattack, and governments aren't doing enough to fill that gap, a new report finds.

Should Secret Service Protect Emails of Future Presidents?

Maybe it's time the Secret Service starts cracking down on the computer security of presidential candidates, in addition to their physical security, some private cyber investigators say, after a leak of Democratic party files right before the nomi