Why Relying on Cellphones is a Terrible Idea in a Crisis

[Commentary] Cellphone technology is amazing, but it has its limitations. While the Women’s March on Washington brought up vitally important issues, it also incidentally demonstrated the need for FirstNet to be a success.

The Knowns and Unknowns of Trump's Cyber Plan

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the nation’s 45th president Jan 20 with cybersecurity looming larger than it has for any of his predecessors—and with many unknowns about how he’ll tackle the issue.

Trump Administration Highlights Offensive Cyber in First Moment

President Donald Trump’s administration Jan 20 highlighted offensive cyber actions among its first digital messages to the American people.

US Digital Service Gets New Leader

Mikey Dickerson, the first administrator for the US Digital Service, will leave his post Jan 20, along with a slew of other political appointees as President-elect Trump is inaugurated.

President Obama's Cyber Legacy

The Obama Administration made an unprecedented all-fronts effort to secure cyberspace. So, why are we less secure?

Rep Lujan: Public Libraries Can Boost American Innovation

President-elect Donald Trump's technology agenda is largely opaque, but at least one member of Congress has a message for his administration: ideas for cutting-edge technology often comes from the grassroots.

Sessions: US Needs Cyber Rules So 'Price is Paid' If Breached

Attorney-general nominee Sen Jeff Sessions (R-AL) emphasized a need for cyber rules of engagement during the first day of his confirmation hearings. “Partnerships will also be vital to achieving more effective enforcement against cyber threats.

Delieverign Great digital Government in the Trump Era

[Commentary] As we transition to the Trump administration, some experts are forecasting an uncertain future for federal digital services.

Police Use of Phony Cellphone Towers Needs to be Reined In, Lawmakers warn

Congress should pass legislation to ensure that phony cellphone towers police use to locate criminals and fugitives are used consistently across the country, according to a bipartisan congressional report released Dec 19.

Forrester Revises US Tech Forecast Negatively for Trump Presidency

Forrester Research expects the US tech sector will grow less under President-elect Donald Trump than it would have under Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.