New America

A Mid-Band Spectrum Compromise For Rural Broadband: Wins All Around

There are two general approaches to expanding access to high-speed broadband in small towns and rural areas: with wires (fiber) and without (fixed wireless).

The Promises—and Pitfalls—of Content Regulation in the Digital Age

David Kaye, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, issued a call for comments on content regulation in the digital age.

“Smart” TVs Aren't So Smart About Your Privacy

As everyday consumer appliances and devices like televisions are increasingly connected to the internet, concerns about privacy and security are mounting.

One Year In: New America's Updated Progress Report on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

[Commentary] One year ago, President Trump designated Ajit Pai as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Crap, I Forgot to Go Incognito!

[Commentary] What if Google posted your search history online? All of it, I mean—even the stuff you looked at years ago (or perhaps yesterday) in Incognito Mode.

With Your Smartphone, Fear Is Never Far Away

In a blink of an evolutionary eye, radio and television then give way to smartphones—all of the world’s threats in your hand, all the time. “The smartphone, especially, more than pretty much any other technology that existed before, is constant,”