National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Initial Estimates Show Digital Economy Accounted for 6.5 Percent of GDP in 2016

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released, for the first time, preliminary statistics and an accompanying report exploring the size and growth of the digital economy. Goods and services that are primarily digital accounted for 6.5 percent of the US

ITS Spectrum Efficiency Report Examines the Past, Looks to the Future for New Solutions

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is committed to ensuring that the government’s use of this valuable resource is as efficient and effective as possible. But what does it mean to be an efficient user of spectrum?

Remarks of Assistant Secretary Redl at the Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference

Governments around the world are finding that the old ways of ensuring national security, conducting law enforcement operations, and protecting the privacy rights of their citizens are being challenged by a medium that does not conform to borders

NTIA Identifies 3450-3550 MHz for Study as Potential Band for Wireless Broadband Use

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), in coordination with the Department of Defense (DOD) and other federal agencies, has identified 100 megahertz of spectrum for potential repurposing to spur commercial wireless

Thirty-Fifth Quarterly Status Report to Congress Regarding BTOP

As of September 30, 2017, only two BTOP infrastructure projects remained in active status: Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System Authority (LA-RICS) and the Executive Office of the State of Mississippi (Mississippi).

Remarks of Assistant Secretary Redl at State of the Net 2018

For my time today, I'd like to lay out some of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration's early international policy priorities in the new Administration.

NTIA's David Redl at CES 2018

Let me lay out some of the priorities that I'll be pursuing over the next year at NTIA. For those of you who know me, you know that spectrum policy is a passion of mine, so it's no surprise that it will be a major focus this year.