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Five Digital Inclusion Trends in the United States

Here's five important trends that are driving broadband access and digital inclusion in the United States. Underlying these trends is the drive to streamline regulation and create the incentive for broadband infrastructure investment.

Remarks of Assistant Secretary Redl at The 6th Annual Internet of Things Global Summit

Without nationwide 5G, the Internet of Things won’t come close to reaching its full potential. The biggest challenge to the advancement of IoT is cybersecurity.

Remarks of Assistant Secretary Redl at the Sept 28 White House 5G Summit

There are too many places in this country, especially in rural America, that lack the basic infrastructure that will be needed to enable 5G service. We have data that shows this.

NTIA Seeks Comment on New Approach to Consumer Data Privacy

The US Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) issued a Request for Comments on a proposed approach to consumer data privacy designed to provide high levels of protection for individuals, while gi

NTIA, FirstNet Authority Announce Leadership Changes

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross has reappointed Edward Horowitz to the FirstNet Board and named him Chair of the Board for a two-year term.

Libraries are Filling the Homework Gap as Students Head Back to School

Students heading back to school this fall that lack access to high-speed broadband will continue to rely upon libraries for homework assignments. Over the past few years, the U.S.

FirstNet Board Leaders Announce Plans to Retire

FirstNet Board Chair Sue Swenson and Vice Chair Jeffrey Johnson notified Assistant Secretary of Commerce David Redl of their resignation from the FirstNet board. Formal letters of resignation have been submitted to U.S.

Most Americans Continue to Have Privacy and Security Concerns, NTIA Survey Finds

Privacy and security online continue to be major issues for Americans, according to a National Telecommunications and Information Administration survey conducted by the US Census Bureau.