National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Digital Inclusion Innovators Visit Policymakers

On February 27 and 28, in partnership with the Benton Foundation, three digital inclusion innovators, joined NDIA's Angela Siefer for a round of meetings in DC. Amina Fazlullah, NDIA’s Policy Advisor and a Mozilla Tech Policy Fellow, made arrangem

2017 Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award

The second Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award will be presented in May at Net Inclusion 2017 in St. Paul (MN) by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA). This is a call for nominations for candidates for the award.

AT&T broadband deployment skipped low-income Dayton (OH) neighborhoods

Earlier in Feb the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and Connect Your Community, a Cleveland (OH) based organization, published a report indicating that AT&T had “systematically discriminated against lower income Cleveland neighborhoods in i

AT&T’s Digital Redlining Of Cleveland

A mapping analysis of Federal Communications Commission broadband availability data, conducted by Connect Your Community and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, strongly suggests that AT&T has systematically discriminated against lower-in

Aggregating Lifeline Broadband Subscribers FAQ

The Federal Communications Commission's March 31, 2016 Order that modernized Lifeline to include broadband service included references to the FCC working with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) when implementing the National Verif

NDIA And Mobile Citizen Launch "Digital Inclusion Trailblazers"

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) launches Digital Inclusion Trailblazers, a resource for tracking local government digital inclusion leadership and programs.

The Worst Connected U.S. Cities Of 2015

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance releases its new list of "The Top 25 Worst Connected U.S. Cities, 2015". Our rankings for 2015 are based on recently released Census data on home access to fixed broadband Internet services.

“Access From AT&T” Not Available To 1.5 Mbps Households

AT&T has declined to make its new low-cost Internet program available to many thousands of eligible households who have the bad luck to live at an address where the company's maximum download speed for new residential accounts is below 3 mbps.