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Yahoo Surveillance Report Rekindles FISA Fight

Privacy advocates are hitting hard at the government process that likely led Yahoo Inc. to create software and scan all of its users’ incoming e-mails on behalf of US intelligence agencies.

Frontier Drops Opposition to Price Caps After Reaching Deal With Sprint

Telecommunication companies Sprint, Frontier Communications and Windstream Services released a joint filing to the Federal Communications Commission expressing their support for upcoming FCC rules that may place price caps on the data services tha

FCC Faces Tough Timeline Over the Next Few Months

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has an ambitious agenda ahead of him as the agency eyes rules in three telecommunications areas that face staunch opposition from large factions of the private sector.

Tech Sparks Global Consensus, White House Official Says

David Edelman, special assistant to the president for economic and technology policy at the National Economic Council, said technology areas like cybersecurity, privacy, and network neutrality are winners in the international community.

Roles of FTC, FCC Are Front and Center in Privacy Debate

The Federal Communications Commission’s proposed privacy rules for Internet service providers have ruffled the feathers in the tech industry since the agency passed the proposal in March.

ICANN -- A Regulator in Need of Antitrust Oversight

[Commentary] The pending transition of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) away from US government oversight has involved in-depth discussion about how to maintain an open Internet free from government control.

Rosenworcel Nomination Caught Up in End-Game Chess Match

A tangled mess of two stalled telecommunication bills and the pending nomination of a well-liked tech regulator won’t be resolved until a lame-duck session of Congress, if at all, a top Senate Republican said.

The GOP’s Plan to Keep Control of Internet Naming

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) said he “expects” language that would halt the transition of an Internet governing body away from US government control to make it into the upcoming continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federa

House Communications Subcommittee Advances Two Telecom Bills

House Communications Subcommittee approved two measures: one aimed at improving call reliability in rural areas and another that would make it illegal for anyone outside the country to fake their caller identification information when texting some

Rep Greg Walden Wants to Chair House Commerce Committee

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) would like to be the next chairman of the House Commerce Committee if the GOP maintains its House majority in the next Congress.