Taming monopolies in the digital age

[Commentary] Our nation has faced the corrosive power of monopolies before.

The FCC is Ignoring 50,000 Consumer Complaints as it Moves Forward to Repeal Net Neutrality

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission’s record is missing key evidence: over 50,000 Net Neutrality consumer complaints submitted to the FCC between 2015 and 2017.

The Neutrality Network

[Commentary] As I watch great work [of net neutrality rules] get wiped away by a Federal Communications Commission chairman focused exclusively on making an industry happy, I can’t escape the recognition that led me to move on from this field just

Trust, Democracy and Media, and the Evolving Role of Digital Platforms and First Amendment Rights

[Commentary] A few weeks ago, representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter came to town to testify before Congress.

More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked

I used natural language processing techniques to analyze network neutrality comments submitted to the Federal Communications Commission from April-October 2017, and the results were disturbing.

The FCC is about to repeal net neutrality. Here’s why Congress should stop them.

[Commentary] In the rush to eliminate network neutrality protections, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai failed to hold a single public hearing, and has ignored the chorus of entrepreneurs, investors, businesses and citizens askin

NY AG Open Letter to the FCC

[Commentary] Dear Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai:

How the FCC Could Roll Back Hard Fought Civil Rights Advances

[Commentary] Last week the Federal Communications Commission, led by Chairman Ajit Pai, announced two orders that will be voted on later in Nov, which would roll back hard fought civil rights advances — at a time when our educational and economic