Free Press

Our Chance to Rein in Government Surveillance

In response to the massive outcry from people like you, we have a last-ditch effort for real, robust surveillance reform. But this won’t happen unless we continue to make a lot of noise.

We're Suing the FCC. Here's How It Works.

How soon can you win a legal victory and end this nightmare? The soonest Free Press can file in court is after the order is published, either by the Federal Communications Commission itself or in that Federal Register.

Here's What Congress Needs to Do If the FCC Kills Net Neutrality

There’s still a small chance we could stop the upcoming network neutrality vote — but if we lose the rules, what’s next? First of all, Free Press will take the Federal Communications Commission to court.

5 ISPs tell the FCC a story of Net Neutrality Woe ...

On Thursday, December 7th, five internet service providers alleged to Chairman Pai that the current legal framework for Open Internet rules had curtailed their investment and harmed their operations. While the presentations are rife with vague sta

700 Net Neutrality Protests in All 50 States

When we set out three weeks ago with our partners at to launch protests nationwide ahead of the Federal Communications Commission’s Network Neutrality vote, we were confident we could pull off at least five of them and were goi