What To Expect As Net Neutrality Fades Into The Distance

[Commentary] At the moment, 36 states and Washington (DC) have introduced efforts to keep network neutrality.

Financing Broadband Access Should Not Entail Taxing Broadband Access

[Commentary] A federal push to expand access to high-speed internet is incongruous with and state and local governments increasing their taxes on that service. Our federal government does not think this is desirable and is prepared to make a sizea

The US Must Move Quickly On Mid-Band Spectrum If It Wants To Lead In 5G

[Commentary] Even as wireless carriers are already rolling out 5G trials across the US, to keep pace with activity happening internationally and bring this transformative network to fruition in a timely fashion, policymakers must make a few more k

How The FCC Subverted Net Neutrality's First Principles

[Commentary] Today network neutrality is often described as the principle that internet service providers (ISPs)—and only ISPs—treat all data on the internet the same. But it wasn’t always this way and shouldn’t be this way going forward.