President Trump’s top 7 action items in telecom

[Commentary] As President Donald Trump settles into his new job there are a number of outstanding issues in the telecommunications industry he will likely address in the coming weeks, months and years.

AT&T says 50% of voice customers in Alabama, Florida trial cities transitioned to IP services

AT&T is progressing with its TDM-to-IP voice service transition in two cities in FL and AL, telling the Federal Communications Commission that on a combined basis 50 percent of total customer accounts have voluntarily migrated to one of the co

Comcast facing possible Trump backlash as Inauguration Day approaches

After touting a steady stream of synergistic benefits from its NBCUniversal division in recent quarterly earnings reports, Comcast could be facing an unanticipated challenge from being tied to the programming conglomerate.

Despite Trump's concerns, AT&T-Time Warner deal likely getting done: analysts

President-elect Donald Trump may not like the idea of AT&T and Time Warner merging, but there may be little he can do to stop it, according to analysts.

AT&T: Justice Dept. lawsuit against DirecTV based on ‘industry chatter,’ should be rejected

AT&T, which now owns DirecTV, urged a federal judge to reject the Justice Department’s lawsuit against its DirecTV business, arguing that the lawsuit relies on “only a handful of episodic, separate contacts” comprising nothing more than “indus

Verizon defends its copper retirement notification delivery proposal

Verizon is defending a protest to a Federal Communications Commission request that the company should be allowed to notify wholesale and retail customers of copper retirement plans by providing them an electronic hyperlink instead of a paper copy.

Trump names former Sprint regulatory counsel Roddy as member of FCC transition team

Carolyn Tatum Roddy, an Atlanta-based telecom attorney, has been named as the latest member of President-elect Donald Trump’s Federal Communications Commission transition team.

Killing subsidies and raising fees a double-edged sword for Verizon

Verizon’s move to kill smartphone subsidies and raise activation and upgrade fees will increase profit margins, according to analysts, but it risks losing customers and lowering ARPU.

Globalstar back in play as FCC considers revised proposal

Things are looking up for Globalstar these days, with several former critics now supporting its revised proposal for providing Terrestrial Low Power Service (TLPS) and the Federal Communications Commission circulating a new proposed order among co

IEEE seeks to coalesce industry, policymakers, academia around 5G

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is calling on global industry leaders, policymakers and academia to coalesce in a neutral forum to move 5G forward.