Frontier looks for more CAF dollars to build rural broadband

Frontier Communications is looking to leverage some Connect America Fund (CAF) options to get additional funding in its quest to bring faster internet speeds to rural areas within its footprint.

AT&T’s wireless local loop trials continue in 2 locations

AT&T is currently conducting Wireless Local Loop (WLL) technology tests on its LTE network in two locations in the United States, part of the carrier’s ongoing efforts to evaluate a range of high-speed transmission technologies in order to det

Project Loon’s latest breakthrough to reduce costs for telcos

Instead of sailing balloons around the world to deliver internet access, engineers at Alphabet's Project Loon will send small teams of balloons to form a cluster over specific regions where people need internet access—a discovery that will help re

Mount Washington, Massachusetts, municipal network shows can-do approach to community broadband

[Commentary] As the third smallest town in Massachusetts, Mount Washington is not an obvious fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) buildout target.

Telco, cable-backed Missouri bill could limit municipal broadband growth, opposition group says

A new broadband battle is brewing in Missouri as the state’s largest telecommunication companies and cable operators are backing a new bill to limit municipal broadband.

Windstream, EarthLink secure regulatory approvals to complete merger

Windstream has received all of the state and federal regulatory approvals required for its acquisition of EarthLink, paving the way for the service provider to complete the deal in the first quarter. On Feb.

Who's leading cable's (quiet) charge into wireless?

It’s no secret that some of the nation’s biggest cable operators are positioning themselves to expand into the wireless market in the coming months.

Tennessee, Virginia municipal broadband proposals reignite debate

[Commentary] Municipal broadband continues to be a hotbed of debate, one that's coming to a head again in Tennessee and Virginia. Each of these states has proposed changes in the laws that govern municipal-run networks.

FCC’s Pai puts another nail in the BDS reform coffin

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has removed business data services (BDS) price reform from its list of active proceedings on proposed rules, marking another sign of the new Republican-dominated leadership’s light-touch regulato

President Trump’s top 7 action items in telecom

[Commentary] As President Donald Trump settles into his new job there are a number of outstanding issues in the telecommunications industry he will likely address in the coming weeks, months and years.