EPB's gigabit challenge to Comcast, AT&T a win for Chattanooga, exec says

Comcast may have been one of the most vocal opponents to the fiber-to-the-home moves by Chattanooga, Tennessee-based utility EPB, but the company’s efforts over the past year to wire the city with fiber-based 2 Gbps services for residential and bu

AT&T launches fixed wireless trial, targets apartment complexes

AT&T has begun a hybrid millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless and wireline technology trial, targeting apartment complexes outside of its wireline service area to deliver up to 100 Mbps in areas where it has not been able to reach potential broadb

Focus on broadband access, not set-top boxes, analyst says

“The Internet has eaten the TV,” an analyst for The Diffusion Group pointed out in a post arguing that the Federal Communications Commission needs to stop futzing about with set-top box regulation and instead accept that TV’s future lies in apps,

Comcast, Charter and cable’s uncertain wireless future

[Commentary] With continually expanding Wi-Fi footprints and enough backhaul to choke a horse, Comcast and Charter could finally succeed where past cable efforts to break into wireless failed.

Georgia lawmakers conduct survey to identify rural market broadband gaps

Georgia’s lawmakers are working together to find a way to enhance broadband service in the state’s rural areas by asking residents to take an online survey about their service experience.

CTIA, CCA disagree again over FCC's report on competition

The Federal Communications Commission once again declined to say whether the US wireless industry is competitive in its annual report addressing the matter. And once again, industry associations offered very different views.

Cox raises broadband rates for second time in a year

Cox Communications has again in 2016 raised its broadband rates for customers, citing "product and technology investments and increases in business costs" as the reason for the increase.

CenturyLink: We can achieve 50% penetration in areas served by CAF-II

CenturyLink said that as it extends broadband services to rural areas via the Federal Communications Commission’s Connect America Fund-II program, it can attract a larger amount of customers that reside in 1.2 million homes with 10/1 Mbps speeds.

Charter says proposed FCC set-top rules would force it to charge modem fees

Charter Communications says a provision buried deep within the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed set-top regulation would, if adopted, require it to charge a modem fee.

Verizon-Incompas special access proposal gets support from state and local groups

Verizon and Incompas’ joint business data services (BDS) proposal has gotten the support of several state and local trade associations which say it will enhance network investment and provide greater choice to businesses and non-profit organizatio