Federal Communications Commission

FCC Releases Forward Auction Info

The Federal Communications Commission’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Incentive Auction Task Force identify 62 applicants found to be qualified to bid in the upcoming forward auction (Auction 1002), and announce that bidding in the cl

A Busy Summer Continues

For all our progress on accessibility issues, there’s more to be done. We’ll have an opportunity to build on this progress at our August meeting.

FCC Announces Tentative Agenda For August 2016 Open Meeting

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that the following items are tentatively on the agenda for the August Open FCC Meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 4, 2016:

Providing Affordable, Sustainable Inmate Calling Services

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn asked their fellow FCC commissioners to consider an item that will both ensure that the rates for inmate calling services (ICS) are just, reasonable, and fair f

FCC Streamlines Approval Process For Network Technology Transitions

Landline phone network technology is changing rapidly; the Federal Communications Commission further updated its rules to help ensure that consumers, industry and the economy reap the benefits of this ongoing, innovative transformation.

FCC Takes Steps To Facilitate Mobile Broadband And Next Generation/5G Wireless Technologies In Spectrum Above 24 GHz

The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules for wireless broadband operations in frequencies above 24 GHz, making the United States the first country in the world to make this spectrum available for next generation wireless services.

An Update on Our Review of the Good Faith Retransmission Consent Negotiation Rules

Today I announce that we will not proceed at this time to adopt additional rules governing good faith negotiations for retransmission consent.

Remarks of Gigi Sohn, Counselor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler at "Connecting Anchor Institutions: A Broadband Action Plan" Launch

This has been a big week for anchor institutions. How many of you are familiar with PokemonGO?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Announces Staff Changes

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced the appointment of Holly Saurer as legal advisor, and the transition of Diane Cornell to a role in the FCC’s International Bureau.

Modernizing the FCC's Geospatial Maps

Maps and geospatial analysis have become increasingly important as they allow the Federal Communications Commission to display information to the public in an interactive visual format.