Federal Communications Commission

FCC Chairman Wheeler's Response to Members of Congress Regarding Mobile Wireless Services On-Board Aircrafts

In December 2013, a number of Members of Congress wrote to Federal Communications Commission Tom Wheeler expressing concerns about opening the door to wireless voice services being used by passengers on airplanes above 10,000 feet.

FCC Chairman Wheeler's Response to Rep. Guthrie and Rep. Matsui Regarding AWS-3 Auction

On March 25, Reps Doris Matsui (D-CA) and Brett Guthrie (R-KY) wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler encouraging the Commission to create a band plan that encourages a robust bidding process that maximizes revenue in the

E-Labeling Deserves Serious Consideration

To keep pace with technological advancements, I believe it is time for the Federal Communications Commission to consider modernizing our labeling requirements.

Ensuring A Fair And Competitive Incentive Auction

Next year the FCC will conduct the first-ever “Incentive Auction,” which will harness market forces to reallocate valuable low-band (below 1 GHz) spectrum from television broadcasters who voluntarily choose to relinquish their channels in exchange

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai: FCC picking ‘winners and losers’ for spectrum auctions

Right now, I worry that the greatest obstacle in our way might be the [Federal Communications Commission] itself.

FCC Proposes to Make 150 MHz of Spectrum Available for Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission took steps to provide more spectrum for general consumer use, carrier-grade small cell deployments, fixed wireless broadband services, and other innovative uses, through the creation of a new Citizens Broadban

FCC Takes Major Strides Toward Further Expansion Of Rural Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission took significant steps toward implementing the next phase of its program for expanding robust broadband in rural America, the Connect America Fund.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Statement on Phone Rates

The data released by the Federal Communications Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau show why the agency shouldn’t increase rural Americans’ phone bills.

Getting the Incentive Auction Right

The Incentive Auction is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand the benefits of mobile wireless coverage and competition to consumers across the Nation -- particularly consumers in rural areas -- offering more choices of wireless providers, lo

Technology Transitions and Public Safety Workshop and Online Forum

The Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau is hosting a workshop April 17, 2014, on the impact of technology transition on public safety.