Federal Communications Commission

FCC’s 19th Mobile Wireless Competition Report

This Nineteenth Mobile Wireless Competition Report analyzes competition across the entire mobile wireless marketplace, including key market segments such as spectrum and infrastructure.

Seattle's Best

After spending the past three days in Seattle meeting with the heads of both world-leading companies and start-ups, I’m more bullish than ever about America’s future.

Industry Makes Progress on Unlicensed LTE Coexistence

The Office of Engineering and Technology and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau have been closely monitoring industry efforts to ensure that new versions of LTE technology can co-exist with Wi-Fi and other unlicensed devices operating at 5 GHz

Remarks by Karen Peltz-Strauss on Accessibility and Inclusion, 2016 Trumpeter Awards

What does inclusion actually mean for people with disabilities? Communication services can open doors to education, information, jobs, commerce, entertainment, and government services.

FCC Reaches $450,000 Settlement with AT&T for Unauthorized Wireless Operations

The Federal Communications Commission’s Enforcement Bureau has reached a $450,000 settlement with AT&T to resolve an investigation into whether AT&T operated fixed wireless stations without authorization or without filing required license

FCC Confirms Sept 29 Meeting Agenda

The Federal Communications Commission will hold an Open Meeting on Thursday, September 29, 2016. The FCC will consider:

FCC Announces Timeline for Completion of 2017 Urban Rate Survey

The Federal Communications Commission’s Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) will shortly be initiating the urban rate survey for 2017.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Statement on Internet Governance

The current model of Internet governance has been a tremendous success. Under American stewardship, the Internet has become an unprecedented platform for free expression, innovation, and democratization.

Preserve Consumer Privacy Trades

The Commission seems intent to push forward, in the coming weeks or months, with a specious plan imposing new broadband privacy mandates and burdens.

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai at Competitive Carriers Association 2016 Annual Convention

I want to take a few minutes to lay out my ideas on how we can close the digital divide—how governments at all levels can make it easier for providers to deploy broadband across the country. I call it a Digital Empowerment Agenda.