Federal Communications Commission

Status Update: Fixing 9-1-1 Fee Diversion

It’s been four months since my colleague, Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, and I penned an op-ed reaffirming the need and accompanying reasons to stop states from diverting critical 9-1-1 fees collected from consumers to no

Chairman Pai Response to Members of Congress Regarding Broadcast Ownership Rules

On May 14, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai responded to several Members of Congress over recent reforms of the FCC's broadcast ownership rules.  "I must respectfully decline your request not to implement any changes made to the

FCC Proposes Reforms to Toll Free Calling Access Charge Regime

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking comment on reforms to increase efficiency and fairness in the system governing intercarrier payments for toll free calling, and to eliminate the financial incentive for abusive calling practices, in

FCC Takes Steps to Prevent Fraud in Toll Free Texting

The Federal Communications Commission took steps to establish clear, strong, and consistent safeguards to prevent the fraudulent use of toll free numbers in text messaging. In a Declaratory Ruling and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the FCC:

FCC Bans Misrepresentation in Sales Calls & Unauthorized Charges

The Federal Communications Commission approved new rules to help protect consumers from the illegal and harmful practices of slamming, which is the unauthorized change of a consumer’s preferred telephone company, and cramming, which is the placeme

FCC Exempts Rural Carriers from Universal Service Fund Contributions

The Federal Communications Commission set aside enforcement of rules, granting a petition for forbearance that will, in effect, waive the requirement for small, rural carriers to contribute to the Universal Service Fund on their broadband Internet

FCC Takes Next Steps to Open Spectrum Frontiers for 5G Connectivity

The Federal Communications Commission took steps to make additional high-band spectrum available for advanced wireless services. These actions are building blocks of the nation’s 5G future and critical to continued US wireless leadership.

FCC Eliminates Consumer Protections for Carriers Promising Network Upgrades

The Federal Communications Commission eliminated regulations for carriers seeking to move from the networks of yesterday to the networks of tomorrow. The Order:

FCC Acts to Reform Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service

The Federal Communications Commission today approved an item to reform Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS), a form of telecommunications relay service (TRS) that allows individuals with hearing loss to both read captions and use