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At F8, Zuckerberg reiterates Facebook’s commitment to election integrity

Mark Zuckerberg kicked off his keynote by explaining Facebook’s plans to protect the integrity of elections in the United States and abroad.

25 years ago, the web opened up and the world changed

On April 30, 1993, CERN—the European Organization for Nuclear Research—announced that it was putting a piece of software developed by one of its researchers, Tim Berners-Lee, into the public domain.  That software was a “global computer networked

Zuckerberg keeps insisting Facebook doesn’t sell our data. What it does is even worse

When Zuckerberg was questioned about the company’s handling of user data and how it essentially handed it off to third parties, he demurred.

How Amazon Helped Cambridge Analytica Harvest Americans’ Facebook Data

Facebook has been rocked by reports of a massive data scrape carried out by Cambridge Analytica and one of its then-contractors, a Cambridge University academic named Aleksandr Kogan.