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How I Taught My 6-Year-Old to Use the Internet, and Not Let Google Take Her Allowance Money

[Commentary] I decided to hold my daughter’s hand as we waded into the Internet as it is.

Google Invests In Undersea Cable To Boost Internet Speeds

Google said it is investing in a faster undersea cable that will connect cities on the US West Coast to two locations in Japan, potentially offering 60 terabits per second of bandwidth.

Facebook Still Drives More Traffic than Any Other Social Network

Teens haven't abandoned Facebook yet, and a new report finds Facebook continues to lead in social referrals by a wide margin. From June 2013 to June 2014, Facebook drove 23.4% of social referrals across the web.

Publicly Shame Companies That Won’t Tell Us How Un-Diverse They Are

[Commentary] Google does it. So does Intel. But a significant number of major tech companies--including Apple, Twitter, and IBM--still haven't published information about how many women or minorities they hire.

One Surprising Statistic That Influences Gender Equality in Technology Jobs

Can the key to getting more American women into tech jobs be in the hands of mayors across the country?

Google Is About To Take Over Your Whole Life, And You Won't Even Notice

[Commentary] Google had just announced a new initiative called Material Design that promised to unify all Google products (and even third-party Android apps) under a common UX tongue. Google seemed to be morphing into something, but what?

Why Academics Are Incensed By Facebook's Emotion-Manipulating Social Experiment

For a long time, Facebook operated under an incisive motto: "Move fast and break things." Acting on this mantra has a tendency to upset Facebook's change-averse user base -- and sometimes, Facebook doesn't even have to break anything.