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Candidate for Congress Will Let His Constituents Decide How He Votes

Michael Allman is running for Congress as a Republican. But if his constituents lean left of him on a particular issue before Congress, that’s how Allman will vote.

Snubbing FCC, States Are Writing Their Own Net Neutrality Laws

Along with pursuing lawsuits over irregularities in the Federal Communications Commission network neutrality comments process (like millions of fake citizen comments being submitted), several states are crafting their own net neutrality laws, whic

Bucking President Trump’s FCC, New York introduces its own net neutrality bill

Since the Federal Communications Commission voted to abolish net neutrality regulations, California, Washington, and New York State have vowed to take up the cause. New York is one of the first out the gate.

Want To Guarantee Net Neutrality? Join Peer-To-Peer, Community-Run Internet

In a typical week, NYC Mesh–a community-owned internet network in New York City–might get five requests from people who want to join.