An Edtech Bill of Rights

[Commentary] What are educators’ priorities when it comes to education technology? And what should be included in an “Edtech Bill of Rights”?

Why Net Neutrality Matters to Education

[Commentary] At present, the rules prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from showing preferential treatment to content providers of any kind, ensuring that the biggest and smallest of sites on the web are accessible.

What inBloom’s Shutdown Means for the Industry

On April 21, inBloom CEO Iwan Streichenberger announced on the nonprofit’s homepage his “decision to wind down the organization over the coming months.”

Can Open-Source Infrastructure Move the Market?

This is no fairy tale. The budding young programmer is one, Chris Alfano. The innovative school is Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy and its school leader is Chris Lehmann.

Meritable MOOCs for the Mature Crowd

[Commentary] The only thing surprising about the majority of massive open online course (MOOC) students already having a college degree is that anyone was surprised by this.