After Net Neutrality, Experts Expect Changes to FCC’s E-Rate

With network neutrality in the rearview mirror, is E-Rate next on the Federal Communications Commission’s chopping block?  Experts admit it’s possible, if unlikely, but suggest a more probable series of modest changes in the short term.

From Neutrality to Inequality: Why the FCC Is Dismantling Equal Access and What It Could Mean for Education

[Commentary] Faculty members who teach face-to-face may imagine that the vote by the Federal Communications Commission to dismantle net neutrality doesn’t touch them, since their instruction is exclusively on campus, not plugged in to the web.

Missions and Network-Building: How One Rural District is Making the Edtech Transition

[Commentary] Imagine a school system that operates in an environment where technology is abundant, teachers seamlessly use digital resources, and students communicate and collaborate with other students from around the world.

Edtech Startups Protest FCC Proposal for ‘Two-Tiered Internet’

Leading education entrepreneurs recently filed concerns about how having a “two-tiered” Internet can stifle innovation.

ConnectED Program Offers Schools Almost $2B in Products, Services

Close to $2 billion dollars in private company resources will flow into US schools through the ConnectED Initiative over the next three to four years.

Searching for that $1 Billion in ConnectED Commitments

[Commentary] The wheels of school bureaucracies may seem creaky and slow -- but so, too, it turns out, are those of corporate America.

Reframing the Data Debate

[Commentary] The uses and misuses of student data have become the focus of an increasingly bitter debate in the education community and the nation.