Columbia Journalism Review

In Ferguson, local news coverage shines

[Commentary] Much of the national coverage of Ferguson (MO) has been excellent.

Is communications security for reporters improving?

Working journalists and journalism students are more often being taught to use tools like the email-encrypting LEAP, browsing-anonymizer Tor, and the messaging service Jabber.

The great newspaper spinoff

[Commentary] It’s hard to recall a spate of media deconsolidation like the one in recent months, as companies shed their publishing divisions. Time Warner unloaded its magazine division, Time.

Did a spy agency screw The Intercept?

The National Counterterrorism Center preempted a scoop by The Intercept, a site whose stable of reporters, led by Glenn Greenwald, has consistently been a thorn in the intelligence community’s side.

How a new Washington stifles a new political press

[Commentary] Friction between reporters and government is inherent in journalism.

How public media collaborations are creating opportunities for local reporting

There are seven Local Journalism Centers scattered throughout the United States.