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Net neutrality debate exposes weaknesses of public comment system

As citizens increasingly use digital tools to engage with government, federal agencies should weed out fake comments to create a more robust public comment system.

What internet search data reveal about Donald Trump’s first year in office

In this report, I inaugurate the first in a series of big data analyses that will chart long-term trends.

Destroying what made American broadcasting great

[Commentary] Historically, the Federal Communications Commission has carried out its congressional charge to uphold the public interest in the airwaves by protecting broadcaster’s obligation to localism.

How to combat fake news and disinformation

Governments should promote news literacy and strong professional journalism in their societies.

A goal realized: Network lobbyists’ sweeping capture of their regulator

[Commentary] When the Federal Communications Commission voted December 14 to repeal the rules protecting a fast, fair, and open internet, the lobbyists for the internet service providers realized their long-envisioned strategy to gut the authority

Where’s the fire? With unclear legal authority, Trump FCC rushes to hand responsibility over internet service to FTC

[Commentary] The Trump Federal Communications Commission has determined, amazingly but not surprisingly, to rush through its transfer of authority over internet service providers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—even before knowing if that ag

Big technology firms challenge traditional assumptions about antitrust enforcement

While fear that big tech can wield excessive influence in our democracy may reflect broader misgivings outside the realm of antitrust law and enforcement, some political concerns about big tech appropriately fall under the purview of antitrust reg

How tax reform can support rural broadband

[Commentary] As the House GOP released the first draft of the tax plan the week of Oct 30, rural broadband deployment, an issue that continues to receive bipartisan congressional attention, may find some helpful incentives.