PokéSTOP: Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood Warns Against Kid-Targeted Ads

The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has launched a petition asking Pokémon Go developer Niantic not to deliver personalized ads to kids based on the data they collect in the augmented reality game sweeping the nation and the globe or "lur

FCC's Quadrennial Review Vote Is on Clock

July 22 marks the three-week anniversary of the Democratic majority's vote to approve the quadrennial broadcast ownership rule review, which does not include loosening or jettisoning the local ownership regulations broadcasters had sought.

Washington State Utility Commission Has BDS Issues With FCC

Add the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to those asking the Federal Communications Commission to revise or reboot its marketplace anaylsis of the business data service (BDS), formerly special access, market.

EU Network Neutrality Guideline Debate Draws Crowd

It wasn't quite the four million comments the Federal Communications Commission received on its Open Internet proceeding, but according to the Save the Internet coalition, which was also a part of that FCC comment flood, more than 500,000 people w

NAB: FCC Too Quiet on Eight-Voices Test

Federal Communications Commission local ownership rules prohibits duopolies where TV station co-ownership would leave fewer than eight independently owned stations, which means most markets, but broadcasters say that prohibition is unjustified and

NCTA, Others Seek More Time for Business Data Services Comment

Cable and telecommunication Internet service providers have joined to ask the Federal Communications Commission for more time to respond to the commission's proposal to remake the regulatory framework for business data (formerly "special access")

FTC Reform Bill Approved in House Commerce Committee

On 30-20 vote, the House Commerce Committee approve an FTC reform bill that would clarify what conduct the Federal Trade Commission can cite for unfairness under its authority to go after unfair and deceptive practices and how it determines that t

Rep Clarke: Minorities Need National Media Voice

Rep Yvette Clarke (D-NY) says it is time for minorities to be able to frame their own stories rather than have them filtered through a media that does not reflect them in front of or behind the camera.

Democratic Reps Attempt to Boost FTC Privacy Authority

The House Commerce Committee has defeated two amendments from Democratic Reps to a reform bill that would have given the Federal Trade Commission authority to regulate broadband Internet service provider consumer privacy and more authority to regu

Survey: European Union Needs Trade Deal Privacy Regime

Digital rights and privacy groups are launching a campaign to pressure trade deal negotiators to look at privacy and data protection differently.