NAB: FCC Shouldn't Review Media Rules on 'Unsupported Opinion'

The National Association of Broadcasters plans to tell Congress that the Federal Communications Commission has failed to determine whether its media ownership rules service the public, and needs to base its review of those rules on evidence, not "

Local TV Broadcasters Deliver Front-Line Reporting in Emergencies

[Commentary] Moore, Oklahoma. Joplin, Missouri. New Orleans, Louisiana. The names of these cities are crystallized in the minds of Americans as the sites of catastrophic destruction and loss of life due to natural disasters.

GOP: FCC Rules Hamper Broadcast Ability To Compete

The House Communications Subcommittee Republican majority is clearly looking to deregulate broadcasters they see as competitively disadvantaged on the regulatory front.

AT&T: No Plans To Create Internet Fast, Slow Lanes

AT&T senior executive vice president-external and legislative affairs Jim Cicconi says that AT&T has no "plans or intent" to adopt the "discriminatory business models" that Title II advocates say could create Internet fast and slow lanes.

Republican Senators Warn FCC’s Wheeler Against 'Usurping' State laws

Almost a dozen Republican senators say they are deeply troubled by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's plan to preempt state laws inhibiting municipal broadband, or what they characterize as usurping states’ rights and forced

Sen Markey, Public Knowledge: Public Safety May Require Title II

Sen Ed Markey (D-MA) and Public Knowledge both said that classifying broadband as a Title II service could be a public safety must-have.

Senators Seek GAO Study of Network Resiliency

In advance of the Senate Communications Subcommittee hearing June 5 on the IP transition, Subcommittee Chairman Mark Pryor (D-AK), Sen Bill Nelson (D-FL), chair of the Subcommittee on Science and Space, and parent Commerce Committee Chairman Sen J

House Members Seek FCC Update on Reforms

The chairs of a couple of Federal Communications Commission oversight subcommittees in the House have asked the FCC for an "update" on its current workload and "backlog of issues" currently pending.

FCC Updates CALM Act To Further Quiet Commercials

The Federal Communications Commission has approved a technical change in the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM Act) that it says could further reduce the volume of TV commercials.

FTC/DOJ Have No Issues With Gannett/London Station Deal

Neither the Justice Department nor the Federal Trade Commission have any antitrust issues with Gannett's purchase of six London Broadcasting stations for $215 million.