AT&T-Time Warner Merger Could Impact Disney’s ESPN

The creation of a new media giant with the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T could cause strategic challenges for Disney and its ESPN unit, according to a new analyst report.

Representatives Urge FCC to Act on Nexstar-Media General Deal

Three members of the Congressional Black Caucus have urged the Federal Communications Commission to give "strong consideration" to ruling on the Nexstar-Media General merger, saying delay could hurt diversity.

Consumer Federation of America: FCC Needs to Rein In Media Oligarchs

The Consumer Federation of America is strongly opposed to the AT&T-Time Warner merger, which is no surprise, but is using the presence of four already consolidated media companies, including AT&T, to push for a quartet of items currently b

Directors Guild of America, Networks Strike New Network Staff Agreement

The Directors Guild of America has struck a tentative agreement with ABC, CBS and NBC on a new Network Staff agreement and the National Board has voted to send it to the members for a vote.

CWA Members Pan FCC BDS Proposal

The Communications Workers of America has made its opposition to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's business data services (BDS) proposal, currently circulating among the other commissioners for a vote.

Sen Warner: FCC Should Clarify ISP Power to Combat Hacks

Sen Mark Warner (D-VA) has written the Federal Communications Commission and other agencies asking what tools there are and what tools there need to be to combat crippling cyber attacks, and in the case of the FCC, how the Open Internet rules affe

Top Rep Pallone Aide Stumps for Strong FCC Privacy Rules

David Goldman, chief telecom counsel for the House Commerce Committee Democrats, says his boss, Ranking Member Frank Pallone (D-NJ), is all for harmonizing the Federal Communications Commission's and Federal Trade Commission's online privacy autho

Sen Franken Wants 'Highest Scrutiny' of AT&T-Time Warner

Veteran consolidation critic Sen Al Franken (D-MN) has serious issues with the AT&T-Time Warner merger, he told Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in letters to both Oct 24.

Merger Critics Take Aim at AT&T-Time Warner

Combining telecommunication giant AT&T with Time Warner and its content assets that stretch from CNN to the Harry Potter film franchise was bound to draw fire from media consolidation foes, and that was the case Oct 23 and 24 as details of the

Time Warner Would Pay $1.75 Billion Break-Up Fee If AT&T Fails

Time Warner has agreed to pay a $1.75 billion break-up fee to AT&T if it accepts a competing offer from the telecommunication company’s mega-deal, while the phone company is on the hook for $500 million if it can’t obtain the necessary regulat