Sinclair Responds to FCC Data Request

Sinclair provided the Federal Communications Commission with information in response to the commission's request for information following Sinclair's latest, and expected to be last, variation on its Tribune merger proposal.  The FCC was apparentl

NAB Says C-Band Sharing Isn't a Given

Broadcasters are warning the Federal Communications Commission not to weaken protections for current spectrum users, like broadcasters, in its race to free up more spectrum for wireless broadband.

CTIA Wants FCC to Make July 'Mid-Band Month'

Wireless carriers want the Federal Communications Commission to add a vote on opening up the 3.5 GHz (CBRS) band at its July meeting, and an auction of that spectrum by 2019, according to a letter from CTIA President Meredith Attwell Baker.

Commerce Dept and DHS Deliver Cybersecurity Report to White House

A cybersecurity report from the Commerce Department and Homeland Security has been delivered to the White House in response to a 2017 executive order.

Chairman Pai Says He Will Widen Mobility Map Challenge Window

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai says he is currently setting the regulatory wheels in motion to secure a 90-day extension of the challenge window for the map the FCC will use to allocate over $4.5 billion in mobile broadband su

VT Telecom Chairman Backs Up Chairman Pai Deregulatory Defense

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai got some fan mail, once removed, and an assist from a small telecommunication company in responding to Hill queries about the impact of his broadband deregulatory policies.

Hearst, Scripps Pitch 50% National Ownership Cap

Some high-profile broadcast groups have been telling the Federal Communications Commission they would be OK with moving the 39% national ownership cap to 50% from 39%, rather than eliminating it altogether.  In filings at the FCC, Hearst Televisio