Silicon Valley Wants to Tax Big Tech Just Like Seattle Did

Seattle (WA) levied an annual tax of about $50 million on big companies recently to help solve the city's homeless problem.

The Hard Truth at Newspapers Across America: Hedge Funds Are in Charge

A group of journalists protesting outside the offices of a New York City hedge fund recently shined a light on a little-known fact about the state of the local American newspaper: Behind the scenes, financial firms often hold all the cards.

FCC Must Choose Between Many or Few with Spectrum Rule Change

A proposed rule change before the Federal Communications Commission for spectrum licenses in the 3.5 GHz band presents a clear choice between the needs of the few and the needs of the many—though with some complications.  The FCC is on the cusp of

‘No’ Cohen Inquiries on Net Neutrality on AT&T’s Behalf, FCC Chairman Pai Says

Asked at a news conference if he or his staff had had any conversations with representatives from AT&T while the company was paying Michael Cohen for insights into the new administration, including reportedly on net neutrality, President Donal