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FCC head Ajit Pai: You can thank me for carriers’ new unlimited data plans

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said his "light-touch" approach to regulation is already helping consumers in the form of unlimited smartphone data plans from major US carriers.

Google Fiber makes expansion plans for $60 wireless gigabit service

Google Fiber's new wireless Internet division is apparently ready to expand.

ISPs ask lawmakers to kill privacy rules, and they’re happily obliging

Republican Sens are reportedly preparing a legislative move to overturn privacy rules that require Internet service providers to protect their customers' online data.

House members: EPA officials may be using Signal to “spread their goals covertly”

House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) and the Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Darin LaHood (R-IL) sent a formal letter to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of the Inspector General, expressing concern that “approximately a

Twitter to judge: Let us tell everyone exactly how many secret orders we get

Twitter has asked a federal judge to decide what seems like a relatively simple question: is it ok to tell the public that the company received a specific number of national security orders, rather than simply a broad range, during a given period

AT&T lights up gigabit fiber in five new metro areas

AT&T is bringing fiber-to-the-home Internet to five new metro areas this month, boosting its fiber total to 51 metro areas in the US.

“Broadband death star bill” blown up by municipal Internet advocates

The "Virginia Broadband Deployment Act" that would have made it far more difficult for municipalities to offer Internet service has been dramatically watered down after running into heavy opposition.

Not so fast—Comcast told to stop claiming it has “fastest Internet”

Comcast should stop saying in advertisements that it “delivers the fastest Internet in America” and the “fastest in-home Wi-Fi," according to the advertising industry's self-regulation body.

US visitors may have to reveal social media passwords to enter country

US Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has informed Congress that the DHS is considering requiring refugees and visa applicants from seven Muslim-majority nations to hand over their social media credentials from Facebook and other

Republican-led FCC drops court defense of inmate calling rate cap

The Federal Communications Commission's new Republican leadership has decided not to defend FCC inmate calling rules that place a cap on intrastate calling rates.