American Enterprise Institute

Arthur C. Brooks to step down as president of the American Enterprise Institute in 2019

Tully Friedman and Daniel D’Aniello, co-chairs of American Enterprise Institute’s Board of Trustees, announced that Arthur C. Brooks intends to step down as president in the summer of 2019, after a decade of distinguished service.

What does economics say about updating the Communications Act?

[Commentary] As Congress is considering whether to overrule the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality vote, to write a new Communications Act, or both, it would be good to review what leading economic research has said about the issue

Media merger basics: A primer on Fox, Disney, Comcast, Sky, AT&T, and Time Warner

[Commentary] AT&T-Time Warner: The merger is vertical in nature, whereas the Disney-Fox merger is horizontal.

Could blockchain technology save Lifeline?

[Commentary] For all of the good intentions of the Federal Communications Commission, state utility regulators, and Lifeline advocates, numerous academic studies have demonstrated that the program is ineffective.

Lifeline’s proposed reseller ban will likely harm low-income households

[Commentary] The Lifeline program is one of the Federal Communications Commission’s most important, most noble ventures.