Daytona Chamber of Commerce Pushes Fiber Network

Author: Will Hobson
Daytona, FL, United States

The Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce thinks Volusia County should consider building a public-private fiber-optic network throughout the county to provide business-class broadband service.

Which would be a great, if expensive idea, except Bright House says it already has fiber-optic cables running through the county that can deliver Internet to businesses at the fastest speeds available. Which sounds like a great advantage for the region in luring business here, except some local businesses say they didn't even know Bright House had fiber-optic lines in Volusia. And a project run by a state department trying to map Internet service in Florida lists Volusia as fiber-free. Such is the head-scratching world of high-speed Internet; where many people tout the advantages of fiber-optic lines while also uttering something along the lines of: "I'm not sure about the technological stuff, but. . ."



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