Scott Kamber On His ‘Spate’ Of Lawsuits Over Internet Privacy

Author: Joe Mullin
KamberLaw, 100 Wall Street, New York, NY, 10005, United States

A Q&A with Scott Kamber who heads KamberLaw. He's a high-profile lawyer who’s at the heart of the small, but growing, world of online privacy lawsuits and may be best known in privacy circles for leading the litigation against Facebook’s Beacon Ad program.

In recent months, Kamber has filed a series of class action lawsuits alleging various privacy violations on the part of Internet companies. He’s sued interclick and its customers for ‘browser history sniffing’ and improperly using Flash cookies to track users; Quantcast and Clearspring over different allegations of misusing Flash cookies (they settled); and Apple and Google over other privacy issues. In an interview with paidContent, Kamber talked about why he’s suing these firms and also explained why he believes litigation is an effective tool to protect users’ privacy online.



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