Resolving Cross-Border Internet Policy Conflicts

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
noon-1:30 pm

In a new report to be released at this event, ITIF President Rob Atkinson and Senior Analyst Daniel Castro argue that the dominant approaches to Internet policy, which typically calls for either universal rules applied to all nations or a complete free-for-all among countries—fail to provide a pragmatic path forward to resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise. Instead, they put forth a new framework for evaluating cross-border Internet policy conflicts that respects both the global nature of the Internet and national laws and norms.


Robert D. Atkinson
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Daniel Castro
Senior Analyst, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Gordon Goldstein
Managing Director and Head of External Affairs, SilverLake

Jacquelynn Ruff
Vice President, International Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Verizon Communications