NetWork: The Future of Work

December 9, 2010
San Francisco

Ten years ago, working from an airport, a coffee shop or from home would have been unimaginable, both technically and culturally. Today, it's commonplace. Businesses are embracing a 24/7 global workforce powered by technology.

On December 9, GigaOM presents a new conference that highlights the opportunities that broadband and mobility have created for connecting work and workers and the technology that addresses the way corporations operate and conduct business.

Net:Work 2010 will assemble GigaOM editors and research analysts, top business leaders and technology companies to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by a new culture of work. And we'll look at key tools and technologies that make collaboration a simple business.

What equipment and software does the modern remote worker need to work effectively? How are we combating information overload for workers? Is it possible to make any organization virtual? What will the workforce of the future look like? Participate at Net:Work 2010 and have your questions answered.