The Internet Protocol Transition: Where Do We Stand?

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Friday, September 27
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

The two most pressing issues before the FCC this year are spectrum reassignment and the transition from traditional telephone networks to broadband, Internet Protocol networks. This panel discussion will explore where the nation stands with the phase-out of the PSTN and the full deployment of IP broadband, on both the policy and technical fronts. The major questions are:

  • How far along is broadband IP deployment, and what options exist for achieving universal coverage?
  • What portion of American homes and businesses subscribe to a broadband IP service, and what barriers need to be overcome to achieve 100% adoption?
  • What level of performance needs to be achieved before a broadband IP service can be considered adequate, and what's the ideal?
  • Where does the Digital Divide stand today, and what measures must be taken to bridge it?
  • Are other countries doing better, and if so what policies can we import to improve America's communication ecosystem?

Robert D. Atkinson
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Richard Bennett
Senior Research Fellow, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

John Bergmayer
Senior Staff Attorney, Public Knowledge

Blair Levin
Communications and Society Fellow, Aspen Institute

Prabir Neogi
Visiting Fellow, Canada-India Centre of Excellence, Carleton University

David Young
Vice President, Verizon Public Policy