Inmate Calling Services

Federal Communications Commission
July 9, 2014
9:30 am

Opening Remarks (9:30 AM) Chairman Tom Wheeler; Commissioner Mignon Clyburn; Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel

Panel 1 Impact of FCC Reform and Potential Need for Additional Reform – This panel will address the impact of reforms since the 2013 ICS Report and Order and FNPRM, the benefits to consumers, and the potential need for additional FCC and/or state reforms.

Panel 2 Understanding the Provision of ICS in Different Facilities – This panel will focus on understanding the primary cost drivers of providing ICS in different types of correctional facilities.

Lunch Break

Panel 3 Ancillary Charges – This panel will discuss ancillary charges, the types, rates, whether new charges have occurred since the 2013 Order, and potential reforms to limit these charges.

Panel 4 New Technologies – This panel will consider new and emerging forms of communications in correctional settings beyond the traditional wireline telephone call.

Closing Remarks (4:30 PM)