The Impact of Search on Journalism

Media Access Project
Monday, December 5, 2011

The business of search: How algorithms effect the bottom line
This panel will explore the important economic impacts of search on journalism, particularly in combination with newly-influential social media inputs. Ranking, based on unknown algorithm criteria, has become a big issue for many news outlets success.

Experts within the journalism industry will discuss these issues of search technology on the industry’s growth, as well as how search affects all Americans.

A look into the black box: How search technology influences working journalists
This panel will explore the effects of new search technologies on working journalists, on advertising rates and the diversion of revenue with the newsroom. Start-ups and/or smaller outlets are also effected and have found new readers because of search. Many wonder how democratic algorithms are and we will explore the growing politicization of search technology.


Howard Fineman, Huffington Post

Erik Wemple, Washington Post

Caroline Little, Newspaper Association of America

Jim Brady, Journal Register Company

Gerard Waldron, Covington & Burling

Additional speakers TBA