Immigration: Arts, Culture, and Media

The Opportunity Agenda, Unbound Philanthropy, and Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
3 - 4 pm EST

With their unique ability to tell emotionally resonant stories and connect with audiences on a deep and human level, artists have the ability to propel social change in ways that traditional organizing, advocacy, and communications strategies alone do not. The Opportunity Agenda and Unbound Philanthropy commissioned a research study to identify examples of - and best practices for - arts, culture, and media projects that effectively move hearts and minds, break down prejudice, inspire community engagement, and, in the long term, encourage public support for the fair treatment and inclusion of immigrants in American society.

Please join Liz Manne of Work in Progress, who directed the research and co-authored the report 2010. She will present her findings on the burgeoning field of cultural strategies and share some key recommendations for those working at the intersection of immigration advocacy and the arts.

Also joining her will be prominent immigration and arts leaders who will spotlight recent projects. Favianna Rodriguez is an artist-activist, co-founder of, and an author of a forthcoming book on immigration and the arts, with a focus on Arizona. She will speak about Trail of Dreams, a youth-led project in support of immigration reform. Eric Ward, National Field Director, Center for New Community, will speak about Show Racism the Red Card, a campaign to use sports to combat racism and bias.

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