Grassroots Use of Technology Conference

Northeastern University
Boston, MA
October 16 & 17

This year we have wide array of workshops that focus on social media and organizing work for both beginners and experts. Topics include: creating websites, building rapid response networks, using databases and e-mail lists, fundraising and "micro" donations, community art, virtual worlds, and more. Rather than offering a blind "techno-lust," the conference engages in levelheaded thinking about using the latest technologies towards the strategic objectives of activists and organizations for both problem solving and empowerment.

Organized in tandem with the National Writers Union's Digital Media Conference, it will feature programming that looks at the implications of digital tech for content creation. We are looking forward to a diverse turnout from immigrants, communities of color, labor organizations, and peace movement groups and will also act as a platform for regional work on the Detroit 2010 US Social Forum!

Please join us and take action!
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