First Responder Network Authority Board Meeting (updated with agenda)

First Responder Network Authority Board Meeting

National Telecommunications and Information Administration
September 25, 2012
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time

The FirstNet Board will adopt its bylaws and make initial organizational decisions.

I. Welcome Remarks and Administering the Oath — (Acting Secretary Blank)

II. Introductions and Opening Remarks — (Chairman Ginn)

III. Board Actions (Chairman Ginn)
a. Resolution to Adopt FirstNet Bylaws
b. Resolution on State and Local Consultation Process
c. Resolution on Grant Program Consultation Process
d. Resolution on Public Safety Advisory Committee
e. Resolution on FCC Notification re Spectrum License
f. Resolution on BTOP Public Safety Projects
g. Resolution on Service Level Agreement with NTIA
h. Resolution to Appoint FirstNet Secretary
i. Resolution on FCC Advocacy
j. Resolution on Standards Advocacy

IV. Break

V. Conceptual Presentation on Network Architecture (Craig Farrill)

VI. Conceptual Presentation on Applications Architecture (Chairman Ginn)

VII. Next Steps (Chairman Ginn)

VIII. Adjourn