Digital Native and Digital Tourists

A Meeting Between Cultures
Embassy of Sweden
Tuesday, Nov 9, 2010

A meeting between cultures. Do not miss the seminar on November 10th in House of Sweden on the ever changing digital culture that is developing online. Blogging! Sharing! Meeting! Gaming! Do you know how to navigate through it?
The Embassy of Sweden, Sweden's Ministry of Culture, CCT Georgetown University and the DC chapter of the Internet Society will on November 10th, between 2-5 pm followed by a reception, host an interactive conference on the media reality of today's children and young people.

RSVP by November 8th with "November 10th" in the subject line to:
[email protected]

At this conference, through lectures, a panel discussion with Swedish and American experts in the field and hands-on activities, you will learn more about the ever- changing digital culture that's developing online:
Blogging! Sharing! Meeting! Gaming! Students from Walt Whitman High School and Georgetown University will be participating as "digital guides" during the conference.

Enter the world of digital communications and learn more from the true experts - the teenagers.

Featured speakers include:
- Michael Nelson, Visiting Professor, Internet Studies, Georgetown University
- Tobias Olsson, PhD, Professor, Media and Communication Studies, Jönköping University, Sweden
- Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
- Ann Katrin Agebäck, Director, Swedish Media Council

Beata Wickbom, Senior Strategist, Pool Interactive

This seminar is part of the Embassy of Sweden fall program 'Shaping Tomorrow's World - Infrastructure & Intelligent Mobility'.