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Does the FCC Need to be Reauthorized?

Hearings mark the beginning of Congressional efforts to write and pass legislation to reauthorize the FCC

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Can’t We All Just Share?

As Headlines readers well know, there’s a general consensus among federal policymakers that the wireless industry faces a looming shortage of available spectrum used to transmit voice and data. Demand for such services are booming and this week’s release of the iPhone 5 may only increase the demand for portable, wireless devices. The question before policymakers now is how to make more spectrum available to meet that demand.

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Accelerating Broadband Deployment

This week, the White House announced the latest federal actions to lower broadband deployment costs across the Nation. Part of these efforts include the launch of the US Ignite Partnership between Federal agencies along with partners from industry, the non-profit sector, and local communities to accelerate the development of applications that can take advantage of ultra-high-speed, programmable broadband to bring innovative new products and services to the American people.

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Healthy and Beneficial Broadband Pricing

Yes, this was the week of the Facebook debacle and the Google-Oracle decision, but we focus our weekly review instead on some remarks by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski at The Cable Show in Boston.

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Recapping Cybersecurity Week

Late last week, the House Republican leadership declared this Cyber Week – and who are we at Headlines to disagree? Here’s what we know what was decided as we go to press – along with some thoughts about what it all means. We start, perhaps uncharacteristically, at the end of the process.

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Spectrum Crisis, Hyperbole or Quest for Market Control?

Fueled in no small part by a Congressional hearing, the need for more spectrum devoted to wireless telecommunications services was a big topic this week. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint say they need more spectrum to meet the exploding demands for mobile data. If they don’t get more soon, they warn, mobile users will experience slower, spottier connections – and higher prices.

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We Know What You Did During Spring Break

Although Headlines staff were away April 2-6, we still collected and summarized the major news from that week and have posted here and here. So this week’s round up is really a quick look at the news of the past two weeks.