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AT&T and Verizon are again being investigated for collusion. Here’s what happened the first time.

The Justice Department is investigating whether AT&T and Verizon may have colluded to thwart a technology that could allow wireless customers to switch network providers more easily.

Once deemed ‘unsafe’ by Facebook, Diamond and Silk are now coming to Capitol Hill

Republican Reps have invited “Diamond” and “Silk,” two conservative video bloggers who were deemed “unsafe” by Facebook after becoming online sensations, to testify April 26 about allegations of conservative bias online.

Why Europe, not Congress, will rein in big tech

Technology companies are readying themselves for sweeping new privacy rules that go into effect in May 2018 across the European Union.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg long resisted going to Congress. Now he’ll face a ‘reckoning,’ lawmakers say

When Mark Zuckerberg testifies to Congress the week of April 9, the Facebook chief executive will face off with lawmakers who have long been itching to confront him – on everything from a privacy mishap involving 87 million users to a litany of is

Lawmakers hope to use Facebook’s ‘oil spill’ privacy mishap to usher in sweeping new laws

It was October 2010, and two members of Congress were furious with Facebook. In the eyes of then-Rep. Edward J. Markey and Rep.

FTC opens investigation into Facebook after Cambridge Analytica scrapes millions of users’ personal information

The Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into Facebook following reports that a data analytics firm that had worked with the Trump campaign had improperly accessed names, “likes” and other personal information about tens of million

Here’s who could become one of Trump’s top science and tech advisers

More than a year after entering the White House, President Donald Trump still has not selected his top science and technology adviser, leaving unfilled a critical policy post that guides the administration on issues as varied as artificial intelli

New federal rules on Facebook and Google ads may not be in place for 2018 midterms

Proposed Federal Election Commission rules aimed at preventing foreign influence on US elections through better disclosure of online political ad sponsors may not take effect before the 2018 midterms, Chairwoman Caroline Hunter said.  “The commiss

Inside President Trump’s private meeting with the video game industry — and its critics

Republican lawmakers and conservative media critics pressed President Donald Trump to explore new restrictions on the video-game industry, arguing that violent games might have contributed to mass shootings like the recent attack at a high school

As DC sits on the sidelines, these states are looking to regulate Facebook, Google and Twitter

At a time when the US Congress seems paralyzed by partisanship — and either too reluctant or distracted to take on Silicon Valley’s most powerful players — Maryland is among a growing roster of states trying to remedy some of the most pressing ill