Sean Buckley

Verizon defends its copper retirement notification delivery proposal

Verizon is defending a protest to a Federal Communications Commission request that the company should be allowed to notify wholesale and retail customers of copper retirement plans by providing them an electronic hyperlink instead of a paper copy.

Trump names former Sprint regulatory counsel Roddy as member of FCC transition team

Carolyn Tatum Roddy, an Atlanta-based telecom attorney, has been named as the latest member of President-elect Donald Trump’s Federal Communications Commission transition team.

Verizon wants to switch copper retirement notifications from paper to electronic copies

Verizon’s ongoing copper retirement efforts may be controversial, but the telecommunication company says the process would be more efficient if it could provide the notifications electronically.

Verizon should expand Lifeline broadband beyond FiOS territory, says National Hispanic Media Coalition

Verizon plans to offer Lifeline-supported broadband services where it offers FiOS service today, but the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) says the telecommunication company's efforts don’t go far enough.

CenturyLink says E-Rate funding should not be used to fund residential broadband

CenturyLink says a request from a consortium of parties, including Microsoft, to extend E-Rate services to rural students' homes is not in line with the way the statute was written.

Verizon's XO Communications acquisition clears FCC’s approval

Verizon has gained Federal Communications Commission approval for its $1.8 billion acquisition of XO Communications, clearing a major regulatory hurdle for a deal that will expand the telecommunication company's metro and on-net fiber as well as m

Trump’s presidential victory embraced by large telcos, but agenda remains elusive

Donald Trump's presidential victory may have gotten the support of large telecommunication companies and industry groups, but questions remain about how his policy approach will shape the telecom industry.

Windstream sees growing acceptance of 50, 75, 100 Mbps broadband speeds

Windstream may not be completely done with its Project Excel initiative, one that will bring higher speed broadband services of up to 100 Mbps over its existing copper network, but the service provider is seeing more customers take higher speeds.

CenturyLink-Level 3: A $34 billion deal that creates a global fiber powerhouse, threatening AT&T, Verizon

CenturyLink confirmed its $34 billion purchase of Level 3 Communications this morning, a move that will create arguably the third largest domestic enterprise service player and threaten AT&T and Verizon – two providers that have enjoyed their

Frontier’s supplemental CAF-II funding request faces protests from Comcast, Charter

Frontier’s request to the Federal Communications Commission to modify its CAF-II phase one incremental broadband deployment plans is facing a protest from Charter and Comcast, who said that the telecommunication company is asking for funds to buil